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So... How can I achieve better Health?

Linking Health to Nutrition


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Not many people would argue the fact that the foods we eat play a big role in how healthy we ultimately are. It is common knowledge that our bodies require a certain level of nutrition on a daily basis or else we get sick and die. What you put in is what you get out right? However, how many of us remember taking a course in school that taught all the nutrients required to keep a human body healthy? The point is, most people don't know this information. We are taught to eat plenty of fruits and veggetables which most of us have a hard time doing. This website is to inform you if you do not already know... there is far more to health than just fruits and veggetables.

The Discovery of the 90 Essentail Nutrients

Have you ever seen the little alfalfa pellets that they feed lab rats and mice? Mabye you have had a class pet rabbit or pet gerbil and you've seen the little pellets they feed the animal. The point of this question is simple. The alfalfa pellet is not just alfalfa. It contains all of the essential nutrients known to be required for that animal to have excellent health. How do we know that? Well, they manually enrich the pellet with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. They do the same for dogs, cats, horses, pigs, cows, you name it. The important part to all this is that over the years, vetenarians, scientist and researchers have almost doubled the lives of many different species of animals and eliminated over 900 types of diseases in animals by simply giving the animal every single nutrient it's body needs on a daily basis.

Did you know that animals get many of the same diseases that humans get? For instance, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease? Yet, somehow, vetenarians have successfully prevented and cured all of these diseases in animals. So why can't the same be done in humans? This question was answered by a vetenarian and natropathic physician named Dr. Joel Wallach.

Research has found that Humans need a total of 90 essential nutrients on a daily basis to maintain optimal health. If you are lacking in any one of these essential nutrients over a period of time, the body will develope a dis-ease.

For optimum health we need...

  • 60 Minerals
  • 16 Vitamins
  • 12 Amino acids
  • 3 Essential Fatty Acids







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